"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget 
what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

~ Maya Angelou

L’ Shanell Events creates celebratory experiences and first-class branding events for business, social, wedding and fashion clients. We provide our clients with a professional, fun and collaborative planning experience. In addition to planning and managing creative events for clients, L’ Shanell Events has hosted a variety of networking events, workshops and fashion productions since 2008. Our clients' vision and message is presented in a way that exceeds their expectations. L’ Shanell Events always strives to blow your mind and have you saying “WOW, that was the best event I have ever attended”.

Our approach to event planning is very fresh, creative, fun, professional and most importantly, highly representative of each client. This approach creates a unique, worry-free, and memorable event experience that aligns with each client’s vision, budget, personality, and style. 

We believe an event is an opportunity to capture who you are; therefore, we truly get to know all clients, identify personal traits and overall style, and then we collaborate with the most talented vendors in the area to translate these characteristics into elements such as décor, food and music. The end result is, much like the occasion itself, a once in a lifetime experience.

We personalize, plan and produce exceptional events that will WOW your guests. We strive to ensure that all clients feel like a guest at their own event. We also empower individuals and organizations to plan their own event by guiding them through the event planning process via consultations and planning tools.