“Thank you L’ Shanell Events for taking on the call to ensure our fashion productions of the Black Fashion Week USA Events were a total Success this year!”

~ Melody Boykin, Black Fashion Week USA | Black Fashion Week | Annual Fashion Productions

“These two power houses really kept me together. Latoya Shanell and her company, L' Shanell Events, made everything run smoothly and making sure each guest was warmly welcomed.”

~ Audrey Woodley, Changing Oasis | Beauty for a Cause | Annual Fundraising Event

"I would like to thank my partner in crime, Ms. Latoya Shanell, for all the sleepless nights planning this event. It was nice to know, all I needed to do was to show up and shoot. I don't always put my trust in people but there's something special about you, that everyone feels who have been around you for any length of time. You are really great at what you do, and know that any event that I may have in the future, your name will be at the top of the list. You are truly worth your weight in Gold. It's funny how serious of a business person you are and at the same time knowing when to let your hair down. What you did last weekend was incredible and I'm so thankful to have you as the nucleus of this event. They say one must work to reach perfection, so you must be proud of yourself for pulling this off. Words cannot express how I feel right now. And no... I have not said thank you enough :-) Thanks again for being perfect.”  

~ Kelvin Bushan, Kelvin Bushan Photography | Business/Fashion Event

"Natural Hair Bride enjoyed working along side L' Shanell Events to coordinate the Natural Hair Bridal Couture Fashion Show with Dwele! L' Shanell was very professional and thorough. We recommend her services for your next event. Release and Relax because you will be in great hands with L' Shanell!"  ~ Roshunda Russell, Natural Hair Bride | Launch Event / Bridal Fashion Show



"Everything was perfect and extremely professional. She provided event services a week before the big event - a law school graduation party - and she quickly organized everything from the vendors to the venue! The event took place at Carnivale in the Tango room and included a band, DJ, comedian, professional decorator, cake designer and more! She worked with all the vendors to ensure that they arrived promptly and were compensated. All I had to do was arrive at the venue and enjoy myself! She handled all the small details. I had an excellent stress-free event! We love to throw stellar parties, and frequently hire event coordinators, but she was by far the best I've worked with! Hire her, you won't regret it!"

~ Ashley | Law School Graduation Celebration

“I really enjoyed working with Latoya as always. I really appreciate her level of professionalism. I thought it was a job well done!”

~ Valerie | 55th Birthday Celebration

"Our daughter's Sweet 16 celebration was lovely.  The sweet table designed by Latoya was beautiful and the guests repeatedly commented on how pretty it was. It was very inviting. At the end of the evening, the table was of course empty and we were pleased with the flow of events and professionalism exhibited by Latoya and her staff." 

~ Lisa | Sweet 16 Celebration 

"I absolutely loved the professionalism and organization of L' Shanell and her team. She coordinated a doctoral graduation gala for me and 200+ guests at Galleria Marchetti and everything was perfect. The custom-made center pieces were absolutely fabulous and fully characterized my event. I enjoyed working with L' Shanell Events and she comes highly recommended. L' Shanell made my event dreams come true!" 

~ Dr. Ngonzi Truth | Doctoral Graduation Gala

"Exceeding Expectations! Latoya was GREAT! Truly more than what I initially expected. She worked VERY hard on getting us as organized as possible! She promised we would enjoy our day and not have to worry about details, and she kept her promise! She gave a lot of time saving tips! She gave me really good ideas to make my DIY projects easier! She was always able to calm me down, and was soo assuring that everything would get done and be ok. It really helped that she got married recently so she was able to relate to what I was going through. SOOO VALUABLE! I couldn't imagine doing it all my own. You really will be able to enjoy your wedding since someone else is around to take care of things for you." 

~ Samantha + Emmanuel | Wedding 

"Working with Latoya was effortless. Professional, organized, creative, and friendly only begin to describe her skills. All the details were perfectly planned and executed. She has a great energy about herself and the work that she does. She is very knowledgeable about event planning and I would hire her again."  ~ Trina + Maurice  | Wedding 


"You are the originator and a visionary in Chicago fashion!" ~ Janaah Coates  | Fashion Event

"You did a great job putting the whole show together. You were very professional about the coordination and setup" ~ Tayo Tembi, Tembis Boutique  | Fashion Event

"You kept things moving, filled in where needed, and had back up plans. We had limited time for some things and trying to coordinate things when some people weren't able to make it..... Hats off to you. You did well. " ~ Jaymara Baker | Fashion Event

"I thought it was great. When you do a fashion show you do both---have a show and do fashion. Other venues just have the models walk; there is no singing or dancing. " ~ Joseph Pape, Digital-Nites | Fashion Event

"The show was great; I loved the fact that it was original!  The inclusion of the dance routines was excellent; it broke the monotony of just walking and showing the designs.  I think you should keep this type of show going, my guests thought it was awesome, and have already stated they would come to another show like Pas De Couture. I met many people that have become my friends and even made business associates.  I thank you for that!  I have gained exposure that was much needed for me to continue to be successful. " ~ Tenia Hoskins | Fashion Event

"Great concept. I loved the fact that it wasn't only just a bunch of people walking up and down the catwalk. It was very theatrical in that not only did the different scenes have a story line, but there was also choreography involved. I'm very much a fan of the arts, and this was by far the most creative fashion show I've seen." ~ Ivory MakeUp | Fashion Event